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The Benefits of Working with an Independent Financial Services Firm

Many people may believe that all financial advisors and firms offer the same services. However, there is a difference between an independent advisor and an advisor working with a large wirehouse. These differences can impact the service and attention a client receives, as well as the fees they pay. As an independent financial advisory firm, we believe it’s important for our clients to understand what that means.

Unbiased Recommendations

Advisors working for wirehouses are typically tied to proprietary products and have quotas to meet. This can lead to conflicts of interest, meaning what they are recommending a client may not be the best option available for that client. As an independent firm, we have the freedom and flexibility to choose from a wide range of investment solutions and insurance products. Without any conflicts of interest, we offer clients unbiased advice aligned with their best interests.

Fiduciary Care

As an independent firm, we serve clients as a fiduciary, putting their interests first and only offering them services and solutions that are appropriate for their unique circumstances.


In today’s economic climate, transparency is a key factor in client confidence. We strive to provide complete transparency with clients, especially when it comes to fees. With our fee-based services, our advisory fees are a fixed percentage of a client’s accounts’ values and are clearly displayed in the quarterly performance reports, so clients always know what they are paying.

Strong Relationships

As an independent firm, we work closely with a select number of clients, building trusted relationships with them, whether they’re in our local Michigan area or across the country. We seek to work with them for the long-term and help them stay on track as they pursue their financial goals.